The goal of Heel Talk Connecion is to connect woman from all over the world, from all walks of life, who are motivated to inspire and empower one another while also creating a fun experience for every type of woman out there. This is for the classic woman who means business, the seductive woman who's always fierce and for the party animal that ends her night enjoying life. 


     Women we love to come together looking good and catching up with one another, whether it's about the newest episode of our favorite T.V. show or about a hot date. The first part of Heel Talk Connection starts off with mingling along with wine, refreshments and music. Sometimes there will even be vendors set up to inform others on what they offer through their brand or business. This is a great ice-breaker and a good way to get the good vibes flowing before the classic woman of us all is introduced. 


     Next, we have where the seductive woman can slip on her burgundy heels and dance in the mirror embracing her curves and finding what makes her sexy. Or this could consist of discussions on feminism, demonstration classes, or even pleasure parties.


      Lastly to end it all, the animal comes strutting to party. She loves to have fun surrounded about other beautiful, humble, hard working women who are like minded. 


       Which woman are you?! There's nothing wrong with being all three! Read on to understand more!!! 



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