It's not about me, or the next person, it's all about you! This is the fastest way to learn and progress with no interruptions, while keeping it fun and comfortable at your pace.


Tasha B is available to teach masterclasses for adults, kids, and dance teams/companies on all levels. 


Teaching masterclasses is a great way for Heel Talk to give back to the community. Masterclasses will consist of stretching, warm-ups, across the floor walks and movement, choreography... all with a focus on cleanliness, performance with confidence, execution with intention, and facials. Some classes will begin or end with dancers freestyling across the floor to engage each individual in becoming aware of who they are deep inside and also challenging their creative movement when the music changes. 

* Q&A upon request *

Hosting a party takes effort, and Heel Talk would definitely like to be apart of the process to bring your party to life and keep things running smoothly. 



Heel Talk can be just what you need to complete your vision and add a little spice and fun to put on a great show. Let Heel Talk provide the opportunity for individuals to explore their sexy side with their body and a hot pair of heels. We can also create routines for anyone that's apart of the event to perform. 



*Background Dancing                       *Corporate Events (including flashmobs)

*Music Videos                                     *Charity Events

*Toy Parties                                         *Sporting Functions

*Fashion Shows                                 *Club Events

*Women's Empowerment                 *TV/Film

*Trade Shows                                     *VIP Events

*Executive Retreats


Click Link above to request services. (Explain who you are, the when, where, the purpose & crowd)


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