Heel Talk’s mission for masterclasses is to build confidence in dancers from all walks of life by enhancing sexuality through a flawless sensual execution. Factors such as stage presence, body control, positive energy, sexy struts, and image, influence the dynamic of the overall presentation of putting on a show. As the creator and instructor of Heel Talk I intend to train dancers, especially women, on building confidence to do just that, giving immense facials and performing like the WORLD is waiting to see them no matter if they have the steps down or not.  Heel Talk is about the relationship between who you are, your body, and those heels that just makes you feel like a new woman. There is story that is told when you connect all three to music. You don’t have to say much at all, just let your body move and speak for you. 

       Teaching the beginner and professional dancer how to grasp these concepts will present a more valuable experience for everyone including myself. When you learn, I learn! My specialty approach of instruction allows dancers to discover the beauty within themselves and offer up the willingness to share it with their audience. I empower my students to excel beyond expectations they set for themselves and build upon their self-assurance. Establish not only supremacy, but establish a bigger space all around you.

     Performing on stage has embraced my natural talent of performance and artistry that I thank God for everyday and I am positive that my students will experience a whole new perspective on feeling powerful in their heels!!! Everyone should go home after every class, the party, or event with Heel Talk with something new… whether it’s a new move, or a new attitude. I want everyone to practice what we do in class, at home in the mirror. You are an artist, be you! What are you waiting for? Be bold, be YOU! You are a star, and only there's only one you!

-Tasha B

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