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Heel Talk wants you to see what is seen, and feel what is felt through each event, masterclass, training session, and even during social days out like you were there as well. Enjoy!


Tasha wants Heel Talk to be a great experience for everyone who takes time out their day to take class. The hopes that Heel Talk will be worth taking seems to be a success thus far. Check out what these talented individuals had to say about it.


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Beautiful moments captured

Heel Talk Mingling 

Great times out, with great people. Some of these images also show one thing that Heel Talk really stand for, which is SUPPORT. 


Heel Talk is big on always trying to grow everyday. There is always room for improvement, and training is vital for everyone of all levels.


These are some images of the owner, Tasha B, training with some well-known choreographers in the entertainment business and dance community. If you haven't taken from these talented individuals, Heel Talk has pumped through and recommend you to do the same! 


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