Creatively directing and development for dancers who are wanting to master who they are as a performer. We are here to master your stardom, your fire and uniqueness, and truly give what you have to offer. Or we can simply just help with a video for your social media, a video as your gift of confidence and celebration to yourself, a video for your man, for your birthday, or even for a bachelorette invitation. 

Tasha B has been able to master herself into the performer she dreamt of being over and over again, and as she continue on this journey, she wanted to help as many people as she could,  to grab hold of themselves and embrace every strength that lies within inside. You have a special power within that is waiting to be released and be free. 

Keep in mind you have to be patient with the process, being patient is falling in love with the process.  Don’t give in to the feelings of boredom, impatience, confusion and fear.  When you allow time to take its course, something remarkable happens. You gain confidence, you overcome weaknesses, you master basic skills that you have, you get more excited about taking on new challenges and then you continue to grow into your best self. You eventually don’t have to second guess with bringing your own style and individuality into a room. You have to follow your intuition, your spirit and soul in order to master your true potential and I want to help you get it started.

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